South Coast Soccer League


April 27, 2020 
Hello All; Town Presidents, Treasurers, Registrars, Travel Directors, and Referee Assignors, 
Based on Governor Charlie Baker’s decision to close Massachusetts schools through June, the South Coast Soccer League’s Board of Directors has voted to cancel its Spring 2020 schedule. 
We have consistently maintained that if the schools were closed many parents would be uneasy about having their children participate in an inter-town travel soccer program. Functionally, many towns noted that if the schools were closed, they would not have access to the field space required to run their clubs. 
This was a tough decision to make, but we believe that it is the right call to keep our children safe. A few points each club should be aware of: 
Team Refunds
Refund amounts due to each club/town for the Spring 2020 team fees which were previously paid will be determined by the end of May. Each club/town will need to determine its own player refund or credit process and timing. 
Friendlies, Tryouts, clinics and practices etc.
This does not in any way mean teams/clubs cannot play soccer once the assembly restrictions have been lifted by the state and MYSA. 
MYSA Insurance
Regarding insurance, any child who was registered with Mass Youth Soccer in the Fall 2019 season will be covered through August 31, 2020, if they are playing in town sanctioned and organized activities. Any child who wants to take part in tryouts or other activities for their town but is NOT registered with Mass Youth Soccer would not be covered. If towns already completed/paid for their spring player affiliation, the town can either apply to Mass Youth for a full refund for those players who will not be stepping on a field, or let the affiliation stand so that those players may be covered for any sanctioned tryout or organized summer activities that occur through 8/31/20. 
This is a difficult time and filled with lots of disappointment and regret. At SCSL, we are committed to putting as many children on the field as possible in a fun, safe, and competitive environment. I look forward to a time when it is safe for our children to play the sport that we love. 
Tom Parker 
South Coast Soccer League President